What are my project managers doing?

Project Management seems to employ an ever increasing number of professionals. It appears to be the next area where persons of varying qualifications can call themselves Project Managers and entertain significant salaries. There is no problem with the basic principle, but far too often Project Managers are actually project planners with little or no expertise in the actual project being undertaken.
Large organisations are now forming project groups with the sole purpose of reporting project progress to senior management.
For the sake of the project get a real project manager, competent in the project scope and provide them with the best tools to manage the project. Empowering people and making them responsible for their decisions is the only way to manage a project.
This may sound a little too simplistic, but it is a very good starting point.
There must be a rule of thumb that gives us a guide to the number of hours spent monitoring and reporting on a project compared with doing the real project work. Some companies get absorbed with the monitoring process and this is often a sign that the project is in trouble.
These observations are more applicable to complex and/or technology projects but should still be applied to simple projects.
I have yet to witness large organisations benefiting from previous mistakes. "Lessons learnt" is a wonderful idea but rarely done and rarely passed on to the next project. A better idea is to have project processes that ALL projects folllow and any lessons learnt should deliver changes to the generic project processes and not just sit in a file somewhere.

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