How does a company achieve and maintain Engineering quality?

Engineering quality is sometimes confused with Engineering excellence. Engineering excellence is where we aim. Engineering quality is what we deliver. Companies who can consistently achieve high Engineering quality rely on proven processes and an experienced and dedicated workforce.
Persons engaged on a project need to be technically competent and emotionally involved to deliver the best quality. Good Engineering professionals are quality driven by their very nature and qualified Engineers who retain and develop their Engineering craft throughout their career are a company’s most valuable asset. Engineering is about making decisions based on sound facts and proven processes. Experienced Engineers will not only solve technical problems but will help a company in wider decision making simply from their experience with complex Engineering problems. Look after your best Engineers and the quality delivered by your company will look after itself.

How does a company ENCOURAGE INNOVATION?

Innovation is a very personal attribute. People innovate, not companies. The trick is to encourage innovation within a group of people but make sure the outcomes are discussed, modified and sometimes adopted.
It is best not to have one person in charge of innovation. Group discussion, group ideas and group success is much better for morale and produces much more workable outcomes.
A "team mentality" is sometimes difficult to foster but it is the same approach that is taken with sporting teams. The members must realise that some people are better than others and everyone has different strengths to bring to the team. Each person is working to get an outcome for the team and personal achievements and ideas are celebrated and encouraged by all members. Ultimately each member is motivated to come up with better ideas and help with solutions put forward by others to achieve better outcomes for the team.
Go forth and Innovate!