Who are the best people to solve complex PROBLEMS and lead the decision making process ?

Before we answer this question you must realise we are biased toward the skills offered by talented Engineers. This does not mean we are an advocate for all qualified Engineers. Certainly not. Engineering, like many other professions embraces many professionals who should have done something else or who have run out of gas by the time they reach the workforce. The true Engineering professional is not necessarily the most highly qualified Engineer, but the one that maintains a passion for exploring, creating and solving within the Engineering world. These people exude a passion for excellence and have a natural leadership quality born from their inner confidence and experience. The trick for the business owner is being able to recognise true talent and sound leadership qualities.

Unfortunately this can only be tested in the workplace and hopefully bad decisions can be mitigated before they damage the business. The best business leaders are usually supported by outstanding decision makers and problem solvers. Whether it is luck or good judgement the selection of these people is vital to the success of a business. Don't leave this selection to the HR department. The business owner(s) or CEO must live or die on these choices and the skills to make these choices must reside at the top.
It has always been said that a company's best assets are it's workers - nothing has changed. Business owners and CEOs who do not participate in staff selection are making a big mistake.

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